Wave Rock Weekender 2014 wrap-up, thanks & after party details for this Friday.

Good people of the Wave Rock Weekender 2014!
Wow!! What a weekend the 2014 instalment was. This simple formula of putting great people and great music and stuff in a great location just keeps on bringing out the absolute best in you people and we couldn’t be happier than to witness it all. The great moments and good times we saw happen at the rock, the salt pond, the speakeasy, the cinema, the nightclub, the camp, the bar and the stage will keep us buzzing and smiling for weeks – hopefully for 51 weeks – until we can do it all again. We love this weekend and we love you guys and you are clearly pretty good at loving each other so let’s do it again sometime. Send us your photos!!!!
To all the patrons, the artists, the staff, the volunteers, the suppliers, the great people of Hyden and the vendors – thank you so much for making this event feel the way it does and be what it is.
Thanks for being good to each other, respecting the place and letting your hair down in just the right way. It is an absolute privilege to put on this event for and with all you people and we cannot wait to pull together something totally incredible for you for number 10! Put Sep 25-28 in your diary – we’d love to see you again!!!
While we are all still glowing from our time in the bush we’d love to see your happy faces again this Friday night at Devilles for the Wave Rock after party.
All the staff and local bands will be there with all the usual Devilles shenanigans as well as sets by two of bands who played the Wave Rock Weekender last year to sizzle up the joint with boogie juke joint blues 

CHRIS RUSSELL’S CHICKEN WALK (Vic) and HUGE MAGNET (WA). Tickets $15 on door (or presale)

We have a couple of totally amazing special occasions in the pipeline for the next few months.
We are still working hard getting a site up for a Walpole Weekender and hope to have a 200 capacity site-warming Walpole Weekender over Easter 2015 before unleashing a fully fledged Easter weekender in 2016.



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