Australia’s favourite psych rock sisters Stonefield’s renowned, incendiary live show should be tight as a drum after a massive year of touring worldwide in support of their acclaimed sophomore LP As Above, So Below.  The follow-up to 2013’s self-titled debut, the album reaffirms the solid position of the four-piece in Australian’s cranking psych-rock scene. The record is a musical coming-of-age: sprawling soundscapes and lyrical depth showcases the group’s progressing musical maturity. The 10-track juggernaut delicately and boldly displays the Findlays’ signature penchants for kaleidoscopic guitar riffs, swirling melodies and hallucinogenic vocals.  If their track record for smashing their sold out live sets is anything to go by, their show is not to be missed!

Track: Midnight

Track: Golden Dream


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