We just want to have a good time.  We want great, authentic arts experiences.  We want to get off the highway. We want shows to be small enough that we can recognise one another. We don’t want to live on the internet or mobile phones; we want to live in real life!


We want to contribute to the Hyden community, and bring together city people and country people. We helped with some local tree planting in 2010, and we’d like to develop other  community cultural development projects involving Wave Rock Weekender punters and local people.  We’ll see if we can get something together this year.


Soul Highway is committed to the development of environmentally sustainable events, starting with the Wave Rock Weekender. We learn a lot along the way, and try to improve our performance every year.

Broadly, these are our environmental objectives:

  1. To deliver events that have a very low or neutral environmental impact by using less stuff and employing sustainable practices and technologies wherever possible;
  2. To introduce and promote sustainable ways of doing things to festival patrons; and
  3. To leave a legacy of sustainable practice in the host town.

We’re open to suggestions.