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So the shindig of the year is finally upon us and we are just days away from being able to bask in the oasis of

good times and great people on the edge of the desert that is the Wave Rock Weekender.

Hard to believe it is the ninth one but we are really glad another one is about to happen because we really, really love it. There are a few tweaks to the show this year with our cinema now being housed in the old Wave Rock tour bus – a glorious vintage Dodge – and positioned next door to the Speakeasy. We’ve also expanded the speakeasy with a live act on Saturday plus the availability of cigars/cognac/scotch 12-1am on both nights. There are now two yoga sessions on Sunday morning (8am/10am) being held in the new Wave Rock airport (in salt lake area half way to Salt Pond). We’ve also got a wider bar and food range with some awesome new options. Once again we’ll do our best to provide the respect, freedom, music, film, people, nature, booze, food and facilities you deserve.


The weather out Hyden way looks pretty good at this stage with forecast ranges from lowest of 4 to a maximum of 27 across the weekend and some possible rain on Saturday. This means it will feel super cold at night so bring proper warm clothes but you’ll need bathers a hat and sunscreen and maybe a rain jacket for the daytime. The extra water/rain out there means the wildflowers are out in force and the landscape looks awesome but we suspect there’ll be a few extra mozzies at sunset time too so bring repellent just in case. If you want to recheck the weather later this week click here . If you get cold; Speakeasy 12-3am for hot drinks/log fire/free hot water bottles and super cool tunes OR dance in the Caravan Parklife micro-megaclub 12-3am OR snuggle up with someone who agrees you are snuggleable. As usual there’ll be two controlled fire pits around the stage too.


Please make sure you are not encouraging or accompanying anyone without a ticket to try and attend as they will not get in. We have a super strict team on this in 2014. We are committed to protecting this event as a respectful, high quality, low capacity shindig. We choose not to cash in on your good times by selling more tickets so respect us back by telling people who missed out to get in earlier next time. Anyone facilitating or transporting non-ticket holders will be suspended from attending the event for one year and we have sent non ticket holders home. There were 14 tickets left when this went to print so it is not too late!

If you don’t have a Friday ticket, please don’t come on Friday as we do not have any room available – other than our limited little camping area for ticket holders they have normal caravan trade in the park. If you do, read below.

Hello keen Friday ticket-holders. We will be ready to welcome you from 3pm. We’re going to run the check-in where the gear drop normally is, at the beginning of the road into the Caravan Park. We don’t want get too clogged up there so if you can drop your gear and get your car out and parked close to each other on one side of the road only as quickly as you can that would help. Once you are settled into Yellow or Green camp, we have our opening party which is a New Orleans theme party in the speakeasy/café with free dinner (a Wheatbelter of a New Orleans Gumbo with meat and veg options) plus a New Orleans street band TUBA SKINNY (USA) to get things swinging plus BLIND TIGER BLUES BOX and a full bar facility. Enter down the right-hand side of the building from 7pm.
Note the Park is still open to caravanners for the night so do be considerate in your early revelry.

As usual BYO liquor threatens our licence and if police see it at the event it puts future events at risk at this site. Anyone flagrantly drinking BYO liquor will have the booze taken away immediately so please don’t take offence when we take your stuff. Repeat offenders will be ejected or suspended from attending for at least one year to think about what they have done (or both). Again – we work hard to offer high quality and low cost food and drink to show you respect so please respect us back and don’t bring in booze that gets us in trouble. We have a great new range at the bar with multiple draught options and all the usuals and a few new cocktails. Our prices are the same as last year so still both stupidly cheap AND awesome.

Craft and manual skills are important to us, and we will have the usual casual learn to knit or crochet set-up in the bar on Sunday with some local Hyden knitters so you can come along and try your hand. This year we wanted to add a felt chicken making workshop some time on Sunday in honour of the chickens we will soon be bringing home to Soul Highway HQ, but we just don’t have time to do it ourselves. Is there anyone out there who can spend a couple of hours helping people pin and cut a pattern, and sew blanket stitch to make a good-looking stuffed chook ornament or toy? We will bring all the stuff. If someone volunteers this will run.

This year Ann Dragon of North Perth Yoga School is running two free Iyengar yoga classes: 8AM and 10AM on Sunday. We have a new venue, the Hyden airport, about 300m along the road that runs down the right-hand side of the speakeasy, towards the salt pond. There is no working toilet at the airport at the moment, so have a wee before you go to class. Capacity is limited!

We really like getting your photos so to encourage you to take good ones and send them through; the best photo will get a free ticket to next year – our glorious 10th anniversary edition.

We have a new 2014 Wave Rock Weekender range available – hoodies and t-shirts! Check it at HQ next to the bar.

Make a note in your diary. Devilles Pad Fri Oct 3. $15 entry with Chris Russells Chicken Walk (Melb) and Huge Magnet (WA) plus DJ’s and good times.

Expect respect and good times.
We are there for you if you need anything.

A huge thanks to our second family out in Hyden for supporting us so much and making this possible. We love you people!
We would like to dedicate the event once again to our great mate and hero Denis Collins whose spirit and support will always be an inspiration to us.

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