2017 Final information

It’s that time again – get ready to enjoy the best of times and be treated right at our quietly spectacular weekend in the WA bush with 900 of the best folks around under the caring presence of our magnificent 270 million year old mate Wave Rock. It is the 12th edition of the Wave Rock Weekender and as always we can’t freakin’ wait to get out there again and feel those feelings, smile those smiles and have those times.
In our annual quest to bring together the best times, people and things – here is the short version of what to expect in 2017 with the full details attached and important messages below the poster.

MAIN STAGE: As always at the heart of the festival is an AMAZING and eclectic music programme and have hand-picked the best and most crucial artists regardless of fashion, airplay or chart success from around Australia and the world covering rock, disco, hip-hop, jazz, funk, soul, pop, punk, country, psych, blues, reggae, folk, cock rock and more. This year includes MISS BLANKS | TEX DON & CHARLIE | SHONEN KNIFE (JAPAN) | ORB | HAT FITZ & CARA | THE TESKEY BROTHERS | OLD BLOOD | JAZZ PARTY | ROLLING BLACKOUT COASTAL FEVER | SOUKOUSS INTERNATIONALE | SUNSHINE BROTHERS | STELLA DONNELLY | SPACEY JANE | MOOKHI | SEX ON TOAST | FELICITY GROOM | CHILDSAINT | MOONLOVER | RANDA & THE SOUL KINGDOM | SOUTHERN RIVER BAND | MANCHILD| SMALL MOTORS | BLIND TIGER BOOGIE BOX | TULPA | PAUL GOUGH | Note Pharoahe Monch cancelled his Aussie tour so we have kept the hip-hop dream alive with MISS BLANKS who will absolutely blow your mind. All these bands really want to be out there with you so show them that unique Wave Rock Weekender appreciation.

WAVE ROCK:  Lie in it, walk over it and feel it by day and by night and get to know our wise 270 million year old rocky friend. Late night 11pm-3am we have deep cosmic music and projections by Tulpa Saturday and Sunday night.

EASTBRIDGE: We bring back our late night entertainment district Saturday and Sunday across the road featuring the SPEAKEASY with your host Blind Tiger Boogie Box playing old time sizzlers from their epic selection of 45’s alongside the huge open fire with hot drinks, hot water bottles, whisky, cigars, Sunday night limbo, live guests and more. We have the new improved DISCODONGA, our miniature nightclub in a site office we transform into a tropical mini-club with one of Australia’s best DJ’s MANCHILD from Melbourne at the controls all weekend. The JAFFLE VAN will keep the late night schnackies rolling for the revellers of Eastbridge.

LIZARD VAN STAGE: Our mobile ‘stage’ is back – it is the Wave Rock lizard bus – a free shuttle bus with a huge lizard on the roof that runs from the camp ground to the Salt Pond at random times in the middle of the day where you hitch a lift and receive one song performed by your host who happens to be one of Australia’s best singer songwriters – MOONLOVER direct from Melbourne.

SALT POND: Walk the 800m out to the resort through ancient river beds, striking salt flats littered with tree skeletons, the salty shimmery solitude of Lake Magic and the golden glowing salmon gums along the horizon, and find our 50m round therapeutic gypsum salt pond where you float like a cork, rejuvenate, whoop with delight and relax. There is an outdoor fresh water shower next to the steps into the pond which you should use when you get out.

CINEMA: With a media player meltdown last year the team has made a bunch of improvements to the cinema bus and we play major, indie and homemade movies from Australia and around the world to keep our cinema bus screen rolling all weekend. Themes around music, the desert, the environment, community, DIY and craftivism dominate and all feel just right out there on the edge of the outback. Expect true cinema vibe – even popcorn!

FOOD: Well priced, fresh and excellent food abounds with meat, veg, vegan and gluten free stuff available. Flavours and dishes of Mexico, Spain, Italy, Greece, Asia, America and Australia are available.
Great coffee. Great Snacks. Great Meals.

DRINKS: Cool inner city drink range at better than pub prices including fresh draught & craft beer/cider, cocktails, spirits, softies, juices and more.

OTHER STUFF: If you like staying active or actively relaxing we have a good mix of stuff to do including dancing, sleeping, morning yoga (Sat/Sun morning), freestyle and marked bush walks, rock scrambling, cycling, heavy petting and massage. Bring telescopes/binoculars/cameras/painting and drawing stuff as required if you like photography, birds, wildflowers, astronomy, drawing or painting because Hyden is one of the best areas in Australia for all these things.
Lots of information that will interest you is attached but please read these important reminders below too.


The weather out Hyden way looks amazing at this stage with light winds and forecast ranges from way less freezing than last year minimums of 11ish and maximums in the 20-28 range across the weekend.  As always bring proper super warm clothes for night, consider the possibility of a tiny sprinkle of rain, and you’ll need summery day threads including bathers, a hat and sunscreen to have all your options covered and wellbeing available.

The farmers are having a good season, the wildflowers are out in force and the landscape looks awesome and although they aren’t that bad at this time bring repellent for any mozzies and flies that might be around.

If you want to recheck the weather later this week click here http://www.eldersweather.com.au/wa/great-southern/hyden

If you get cold in vibe or physically after midnight then warm up as follows; SPEAKEASY 11pm-3am for hot drinks/log fire/free hot water bottles and super cool tunes OR visit the DISCODONGA micro-megaclub 11pm-3am OR visit the cinema with a blanket (all hours) OR cuddle up with someone who agrees you are of cuddleable quality. As usual there’ll be two controlled fire pits near the stage too.


Our check-in is open from 1PM to 8PM Friday (for Friday ticket-holders) and from 11AM to 6PM Saturday.  Check-in procedure is explained in the attached.



We are super strict on capacity to keep the show small and beautiful for you. We are committed to protecting this event as a respectful, high quality, low capacity shindig.  There are limited presales left right now, and if they don’t all go by Thursday 5PM, we will hold a few door sales at $300 cash only.  If you’re the impulsive type throw your camping gear in your car and come on out, we will look after you.  Send us your email address to receive show information so you know what you’re getting into.


If you were expecting your tickets in the post, you should have them in your hand by now.  If you chose outlet collect but haven’t picked them up, they will be waiting for you at the show.  If you chose to pick them up at the show, we will have your name on our list.  If these ideas don’t solve your ticketing gripes, call Charlotte on 0405 661 473 before Thursday, or after that text Charlotte on 0476 153 818.  Best to sort things out before you come if possible.



If you don’t have a Friday ticket or $60 cash to buy one in your pocket, please don’t come on Friday.  If you realised it is a mistake not to come on Friday, you can still buy a ticket here.  If you have a Friday ticket only, without a weekend ticket, we cannot let you into the show.



People who have been before will know that the camp ground, bar, main stage and ablutions are all together on a small site, and tents need to be pitched close together.  Please don’t bring large tents, and keep your set-up as compact as possible so we can still have some common spaces in the campgrounds for people to hang out and possibly meet their future partners, husbands or wives.  Also bring EARPLUGS if you would like to have a nice sleep or ask about our new Whisper Camp.


If you have tickets for Whisper Camp, what a sensible and mature sort of person you are.  You still go to the check in and will be given a vehicle pass and directions.  Camp Monitors Fay and Katrina will be available in camp Friday 3PM to 7PM and Saturday 11AM – 3PM, and various other times, to meet and assist you.  Please park where you are asked.



As you probably know, BYO liquor threatens our licence and if police see it at the event it puts future events at risk at this site.

Anyone flagrantly drinking BYO liquor will have the booze taken away immediately so please don’t take offence when we take your stuff.

Repeat offenders will be ejected or suspended from attending for at least one year to think about what they have done (or both).

Again – we work hard to offer high quality and low cost food and drink to show you respect so please respect us back and don’t bring in booze that gets us in trouble.

We have a great range at the bar with multiple draught options and cocktails and other fancy drinks (see attached).


Good news on the booze and environmental self-improvement fronts is that these important aspects of life can once again be combined in the purchase from the bar of the Wave Rock Weekender Keep Cup.  Every time you use it you get 15% more beer.  Over multiple beers this adds up to between some and a lot more beer.  Combine with our traditional, free keep cup rubber bands and handy string to tie the whole assembly around your neck and things will go very smoothly for you indeed.  We are using way less cups these days because of your impressive reusing.  What a top crew.



We have a delightful mix of not too many new and old activities to offer you both stimulation and relaxation this year.  See the attached program, or notices in the bar tent and festival shop for specifics.  Bring your yoga mat if you can, although we will have some available.  Throw some bush bling into your camp bag if you want to fit in at the gangsters’ paradise of the Orange Camp 90’s hip-hop party on Sunday.



We really like getting your photos so to encourage you to take good ones and send them through, the best photo will get a free ticket to next year’s show.

This year we’d like to dedicate the show to Sue Richter, who thankfully is alive and well and still making it possible for us to throw you all a terrific annual party in the bush.  Sue runs the Caravan Park, and is a hard worker all year round but pulls out absolutely all the stops at this time of year and the success of the Weekender is something we love sharing with her.  If you see Sue during the show, offer to give her a foot rub or clean the toilets for her while she has a lie down (as if she would!).  It is such a pleasure working with Sue and all our Hyden friends each year – we are very grateful to them.



Expect respect and good times.

We are there for you if you need anything.


Super-urgent enquiries to info@soulhighway.com.au or 0407 449 995, text is best from Wednesday on but neither is great out there so just ask us stuff in person when you get here…

Enquiries can be made at the Festival Shop next to the bar, to your camp monitors, or by finding Karen or Paul and asking them for anything you need or want.

We have sent this information to all ticket holders. If you didn’t buy your tickets yourself and you’d like us to send it to you as well, email info@soulhighway.com.au.

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